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  Automobile Dealerships  

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  Shade for auto dealers by Velarium Carports for auto dealerships by Velarium  


TricoShade offers superior quality Velarium brand carports, shade structures and shade sails to provide sun and hail protection for your auto dealership.


  • Increases "curb appeal" to attract customers
  • Protects your inventory from hail and sun damage
  • Offers customers a cool shopping environment
  • Reduce inventory insurance costs
  • Lowers inside automobile temperature
  • 15 degrees cooler than conventional steel roof carports
  • Offers additional signage capacity: your logo can be sewn onto the shade cloth
  • Twenty year structural warranty
  • Ten year shade netting warranty
  • Engineered to meet local building codes
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Shade cloth will not mildew or rot or fade
  • Shade cloth will not sag over time due to a process called stentering
  • Velarium quality products

The eye-catching beauty of our free standing commercial carports and awning products attracts the customer to your car dealership. The tensile membrane structures and high quality awning fabric used provides a shade that lowers the temperature by 15 degrees, giving customers a cooler shopping space. When they open the car door they find it much cooler inside than if the car were left to bake in the sun. The result is MORE SALES.

The additional auto hail protection provided by these shade structures can reduces your insurance costs, as insurance companies are increasingly providing discounts to auto dealer that provides protection from hail.

Our professionals are available to collaborate with your dealership to develop an inventory protection for sun and hail, and a customer-friendly shopping advantage over your competition. Please Contact Us to request additional information.

If you are interested in a carport for your home, please see our Residential Carport site where you can buy attractive, easy-to-install carports online.


We have the solution for your shade needs!

Auto dealer shade structures by Velarium

Shade structures for car dealers by Velarium

Sun and hail auto protection by Velarium

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