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You can shade any sized swimming pool with pool shade canopies and pool awnings by Tricoshade. We can made large shade structures for public swimming pools as well as medium-sized shade canopies for family pools, or small sun shade canopies or pool awnings for children's pools. Baby pools can easily be covered or screened with shade sails or small 10' x 10' shade structures. It is especially important to provide sun protection for children and infants, as children accumulate 80% of their lifetime sun exposure by the time they are 18. When selecting your shade cover, make sure you ask for the UV protection index of the shade cloth you like. Generally, darker shade cloth colors provide more UV protection. The shade cloth used in Tricoshade products provides a very high level of UV protection - between 91 % - 98.8%, depending on the color. This UV protection allows children (and adults!) to enjoy more time outdoors.

You can buy our residential line of pool shade canopies, shade structures and carports online at If you would like information on custom shade structures for commercial use, please contact us.

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