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Velarium Shade Cloth Specifications and Colors

Velarium shade products are made with the highest quality shade cloth available:
Polytex 230 Shadecloth

Polytex 230 Shadecloth is a high quality, heavy duty knitted shade cloth specifically developed as a very strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tension structures, shade structures, and shade sails designed for commercial and architectural applications.

Polytex 230 Shadecloth offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free long-life performance, along with a 10-year warranty.

Polytex 230 Shadecloth has been specifically designed to provide up to 98% protection from sun's harmful ultra violet radiation creating a safer outdoor environment to be enjoyed for longer periods of time creating a cost effective method for coving both small and large areas.

Polytex 230 Shadecloth is available in 13 contemporary colors to compliment architectural trends and enhance existing structures.


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Technical Specifications

Base Material: UV Stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Manufacturing: Monofilament yarn and tape utilizing the knitted lock stitch pattern and stentoring heat process produces a fabric that will not tear or fray if cut.

Features: Provides UVR protection in the range of 91% to 96%. HDPE fabric will not mold, mildew, rot or absorb moisture, no natural fibers therefore fabric is non-biodegradable. High strength, excellent resiliency and elastic properties to meet harsh weather conditions including protection from hail.

Recommended Usage: Utilized in accordance with shade cloth manufacture's specifications, product data, installation instructions, use limitations and recommendations based on the entire structure. Do not use near open flames or Bar-B-Que grills. Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as chlorine, muriatic acid, or other acidic chemicals and halogens. Clean with mild soap and water pressure.

Polytex 230
Shade Cloth Colors

Shade Factor UVR Block

Aquatic Blue


94.2 %



95.1 %

Brunswick Green


96.9 %

Cherry Red


91.0 %

Desert Sand


94.8 %



95.1 %

Navy Blue


98.8 %

Ochre Red


96.7 %

Rivergum Green


93.0 %

Sky Blue


96.8 %

Steel Grey


96.7 %



95.4 %



93.2 %


Tensile Strength - Warp

737 N

Tensile Strength - Weft

1592 N

Wing Tear - Warp

143 N

Wing Tear - Weft

203 N

Bursting Pressure

3200 kPa

Bursting Force

1578 N

Flammability Index: Range: 0-100 17
Ignitability Index: Range: 0-20 13
Spread of Flame Index: Range: 0-10 8
Heat Evolved Index: Range: 0-10 7
Smoke developed Index: Range: 0-10 6
Spread Factor: Warp Weft
Range: 0-40 5
Heat Factor:
Range: 0-upward 2
Maximum Height: 5.3 8.7
Heat: 8 Degrees Celsius Minimum 6.5 Degrees Celsius Minimum

The above results are typical averages from quality assurance testing and are not to be taken as a minimum specification. This information is for general information only and is provided in good faith, based on our knowledge, research, opinions and investigations. Product profiles are subject to alteration without notice. No verbal warranty shall be implied with the accuracy or applicability to the specific end use application.


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